CSU offers a year-around, structured training program for high school age XC skiers that is modeled on the highly successful German Youth Development Program.  We derive individual training plans for athletes depending on their background and racing objectives from our 4-year CSU base training plan (see Useful Docs & Links) that contains specific workouts for every day of the year.  Training volumes increase from year to year according to adolescent athletes’ natural physiological development, progress and goals, building from 300-350 hours/ year for high school freshmen (or older 8-graders) to 500-550 hours / year for high school senior skiers who wish to continue racing in NCAA collegiate programs.  Our year-around training program is built from training modules (html link to “description of training modules”) that we apply according to their specific roles within the annual training/ racing cycle.  Training during each month serves a specific purpose in building up to the winter races: April is active recovery, in May we get our bodies used to summer training, in June we ramp training volumes, July and August are “volume months”, Sept through Nov are intensity months with lower volume and the most specific training modes.  Dec through March are on-snow and competitive months.  The organizing units of our CSU base training plan are 4-week periods (P1-P13) and weeks.  We arranged the daily workouts to maximize their mutual benefit on a weekly schedule; each period contains workouts appropriate for their role within the annual cycle. Athletes keep track of their workouts in our training log (see Useful Docs & Links) that matches the format of the CSU base training plan and automatically tallies workouts into their physiological categories and overall volumes.  Well kept logs allow athletes to discuss training with their coaches and monitor their progress.

In addition we have designed an extensive testing program (link) that tracks athletes’ progress, provides motivation, and helps coaches tailor individual training plans across the wide range of physiological and technical parameters needed for XC skiing.

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