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Spring Running Speed Program

Timing: 5 sessions, starting last Thu in April, 4 sessions in P2, 1 session in P3

Objective: build base speed that we will incorporate into other workouts through the year

Venue: Concord track (Emerson field, abutting Thoreau St., not CCHS)

Description (total 70-80min)

·         Warm-up (30min)

o   15min warm up easy run with second to last lap at L3

o   10min step sequences:

o   Single step: arms diagonal, then passgang, forward, then backwards

o   Repeat with double step

o   Then one sequence forward, then backward all elements combined

o   5min skate imitation progression: gliding position one foot, then crunch only, then complete motion with jump V2 and V1

·         Main program, 30-40 min: 5 drills, 4-6 reps per drill, complete recovery

o   Drum roll (10sec)

o   Drum roll, forward lean, start (10 meters)

o   50 m accelerations, last 10m full speed

o   10 m starts from deep position

o   30 m sprints from deep position

·         Cool down:  10 min easy jog