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Bob Burnham

Bob Burnham writes: "I  skied 4 events in high school and made the JN team in nordic combined in 1975.  I skied nordic combined for the Dartmouth varsity team for 3 years and converted to XC alone when the NCAA removed jumping from college skiing.  I began coaching some high school skiers in Missoula Montana while studying out west for 3 years.  Returning to the east, I was a private school coach for XC running and XC skiing for 3 years (Mt Hermon/Andover) where my XC running teams won the NE prep schools running championships for 2 of the 3 years.  I started coaching with CSU in 2006 and both Chris and Jim loved the CSU program and went on to ski at Colby and Bates.  In masters skiing I was 2nd in my age at the US Masters Championship in 2015 and was 6th in my age at the American Birkie in 2014.  Last year Ann and I skied the Norwegian Birken race which was a goal of Ann and I for over 25 years."