College Information

2016 CSU College Placements

Leah Brams, Dartmouth
Rachel Lorenc, Johns Hopkins
Will Rhatigan, Harvard
Talia Seltzer, Colby
Clare Telfer, Rice University

2015 CSU College Placements

Eli Bucher             University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Clara Cousins        Harvard
Sonya Jampel       Williams
Julia Kern              US Ski Team and SMS Fall 2015 & Dartmouth, Spring 2016
Gavin McEwen     Dartmouth
Jacob Meyerson   Harvard
Hadley Moreau     Bates
Lewis Nottonson   Middlebury
Katrin O'Grady      Macalester
Allie Skahen          University of Vermont
Meg Yoder            Colby

2014 CSU College Placements

Cate Brams,         Middlebury
Rosie Cobb,         Macalester
Charlotte Cole,     Harvard
Chris Koziel,         Bates
Phoebe Seltzer,   Mount Holyoke
Rebecca Smith    Williams
Zoe Snow            Dartmouth

2013 CSU College Placements

Olivia Cannon            Bowdoin
Ryan Clemens           St. Lawrence
Liza Dawley                St. Olaf
Eli Hoenig                   Williams
Ian Meyer            Harvard
Nathan Moreau    Bates
Rion O'Grady        UNH
Trevor Owens        St. Michaels
Julia Schiantarelli    Brandeis
Sean Skahen        University of Maryland
Carina Wallack        Colby
Hank Yoder            University of Colorado, Boulder

2012 CSU College Placements

Catherine Benson    Middlebury
Katie Cosman        Northeastern
Greg Holdman     Whitman    
Toby Howe            St. Lawrence
Blake McCartney    Colby
Olivia Meyerson    Williams
Jordan Richmond  Bowdoin 
Corey Stock        Dartmouth
Calvin Wight        Colby

2011 CSU College Placements

Chris Burnham:   Colby College
Kelsey Colpitts:   Saint Lawrence University
Neil Garrison:      St. Olaf
Ellen Goldberg:    Brown University
Caitlin Guiney:     Colby College
Nadja Kern:         University of California San Diego
Tommy Rummel:  Saint Lawrence University
Hannah Smith:     Williams College

If you are interested in ski racing in college, you can download the attached file for more information about the process of finding and applying to a college with a ski program. Note that some information (e.g. coaches names and contact info) might be out of date.
Patricia Decker,
Jun 3, 2011, 3:11 PM