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Dryland Gear

Equipment needed for off-snow (known as dryland) training:

  • Running shoes
  • Water-bottle belt pack and water bottle
  • Classic ski boots
  • Skate ski boots
  • Rollerskis: 1 pair of skate. 1 pair of classic.  See the Buying Rollerskis page.
  • Rollerski poles: 1 pair for classic, 1 pair for skate
  • Rollerski pole tips – Jenex or Niffleheim tips recommended. Exel okay too. Do NOT get Swix.
  • Helmet.  (Mandatory for rollerski workouts)
  • Reflective Vest.  (Mandatory for rollerski workouts)
  • Blinking safety light.  (Mandatory for rollerski workouts)
  • Hill-bounding poles – a pair of old poles 10 cm shorter than classic poles
  • Upper body training device: Ercolina is the best option.  Concept 2 SkiErg also good. Or stretch cords (from, get Lifeline Professional Exercise Tubing with Handles)
  • Sports Watch (mandatory to own and to wear to each practice and to know how to use)
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Polar is recommended brand) Some licenses available for First Beat, contact Coach Rob for more information.